Find The Best Spearfishing Fins With Our Guide And Reviews

Now that we’ve given you our picks for Best spearfishing knives and Best speargun reviews, it is time to move on to another important part of your diving equipment- the fins.

The fins are a piece of spearfishing equipment that makes you way more efficient underwater. They make you a much better swimmer, making it way easier to go through different locations and significantly increasing the speed of which you are capable of descending in the water and resurfacing above it. They also help you maneuver through strong waves, underwater currents and tides.

Fins are what will help you effortlessly glide through the water and maintain a good body position, while kicking. Find out what you need to know when choosing the best fins for spearfishing.

Types of fins

Depending on the foot position, once the fin is attached, we can see just a couple of types of fins- Open heeled and close heeled.

Open heeled fins

The open heeled fins can be put on with diving boots, meaning that you can easily and safely tackle tougher terrains when diving.

Close heeled fins

The other type however, is a good choice for free diving. Close heeled fins have a streamlined design that helps you significantly increase power.

Other things to look out for, besides the fin type, are the material of which the fins are made, as well as the length of their blades.

Generally, it doesn’t matter if you’re beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional- You want to compare all the features of the fins and find yourself the perfect pair for your level of experience and budget.

When it comes down to deep diving, with no additional breathing support, you want to be efficient with your air- The more you swim, the more oxygen your working musculature requires. And this is exactly what fins will help you with, as we said in the beginning- Effortlessly flowing through the water, with a quicker pace.

Whether you choose Open heeled or close heeled fins, you’re generally looking for a pair that will fit perfectly, as a loose pair of fins will underperform and may even cause damage to your skin and muscles.

So, what should you look out for, while searching for the best fins for spearfishing?

Make material

There is a big variety of materials that are used to make the fins. The cheapest ones are made from plastic but sometimes, they underperform. The more expensive options that have optimal performance and features are made from carbon and fiberglass. These materials allow for more power, as they are lighter and easier to move through the water resistance.

Hardness of the fins

As a whole, this is a factor that will determine how well you perform when diving. Softer fins will make it easier to kick through the water, but harder ones will put down more force. There is an option that is somewhere in the middle and that’s the medium-hardness fins, which are generally a mix of both soft and hard.

Foot pockets

This is the part of the fin, where the leg goes in. You’re looking to find tight-fit pockets; however, some fins offer changeable blades, which means that the pockets are interchangeable as well, meaning that you can tweak your performance with the same pair of fins.

Trait fins

For the most part, long-blade fins are the best option for most spearos. However, some more advanced divers purchase fins with special traits, such as ones that resemble sea creatures’ flappers. Such monofins are harder to control, but once you get it down, they can tremendously help you with depth and oxygen efficiency.

Make sure you buy good quality fins!

As humans, we are ground creatures and going spearfishing under the water is taking you out of your element. That is why you need specific equipment to enhance your performance but you also rely on it to keep you safe.

As we’ve already established, fins will help you maneuver through currents, strong waves and even tides. Using low quality fins can put you at risk because of that. Imagine swimming across a current ad your fins breaking at the wrong moment. The current could smash you into rocks or other object, which is very dangerous.

That is a perfect example of why you need to pay attention to quality when buying spearfishing tools. Saving on a couple of bucks is not worth risking your life, so make sure you get the best, most durable and most reliable equipment.

Now let’s get to the actual products you can purchase. Below, we have listed our top amazon picks for the best fins for spearfishing you can currently find on the market.

Cressi Men’s Gara 3000 fins

As we already said, spearfishing fins can be found in a variety of styles and materials, however, these long blade fins will leverage your advantages when diving. These Cressi-made fins are made specifically for deep diving, as their design allows you to generate more force with less muscle involvement.

The blade material is significantly softer, compared to other makes and that allows for an additional power boost. Using these fins, you will easily stay under water for prolonged periods of time and on top of that, you get a nice fin bag along with the product.

These cressi fins are our number 1 pick and are pretty much your best bang for the buck, if your budget is circling in the low 3-digits range.

Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins

As we mentioned, the type of fins you are using when diving, is directly related to your oxygen and energy efficiency underwater. These Mares-made fins however are another one of your perfect choices if you’re looking for such optimization.

These comfortable, flexible polymer fins  will provide you with extra comfort and will also allow you to easily pierce through the water with minimum effort, making them perfect for beginners, as well as advanced and expert spearos.

Seac shout S900 camo fins

Besides being great for sparfishing, these Seac fins are suitable for other underwater activities.

The fins are made of two materials and have a closed heel, making them perfectly tight and comfortable.

With its medium-hard blade and design that speaks attention to detail, this product is the perfect choice for free diving and spearfishing, especially in that price range.

There are fins for swimming, free diving, snorkeling, body surfing, and various other water

Cressi gara 2000HF spearfishing fins

If you need to add quality fins to your spearfishing equipment, at an affordable price, the Cressi Gara 2000 HF spearfishing fins are probably your best bet.

This Italian-made product comes with long blades and in a variety of sizes, which is also topped off with a full warranty, straight from the manufacturer.

Buying these fins, you will essentially get a durable, advanced design product that is the perfect choice for both beginners, more advanced and even expert spearos.

Rob Allen Scorpia freediving plastic fins

best spearfishing fins

What we see here is a pair of spearfishing fins with a long plastic blade and a closed heel.

The rob allen Scorpia fins comes with a foot pocket, specifically designed for a tight fit, which of course, boosts the power and efficiency of your working musculature, during dives.

These fins are perfect for beginners and at an affordable price, they might turn out to be your best pick out of our list.

As ground creatures, we, humans need, so to speak “extensions”, in order to be fully functional, efficient and versatile, during underwater hunting activities.

Make sure to pick your perfect pair of fins and let us know which one it is and how you liked it.

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