Everything You Need To Know When Buying The Best Spearfishing Float + Reviews

Owning the best spearfishing float is an essential safety measurement that can save your life on regular basis in multiple ways.

When it comes to diving, safety MUST be your number one priority. This is why, it would be adequate and recommended to have a dive flag when you go spearfishing.

Why owning the best spearfishing float is so important?

For example, a lot of the best spearfishing spots are known to be visited by sharks or other natural predators. Spearing a fish will rarely kill it immediately, leading to the fish panicking and desperately trying to escape. When the fish starts to wobble around , it creates vibrations and sounds under the water that sharks can detect from even greater distances that they can smell blood.

In areas that have been known for being populated by natural predators it is essential for you to use a float. Subduing the fish immediately and reattaching it to a fishing line that sends it to the surface to be secured with a float can save your life in waters like these

Another reason that makes spearfishing floats essential to your survival under water is that you want to be seen by other people that are fishing in the same area.

It is highly expected to be surrounded by other fishers that would be hunting around you. Not alerting them of your presence will mean that they won’t have to be careful not to shoot at the direction of which you are hunting. This of course, can put your life in a great risk.

Not using a float risks your life in yet another way. There have been multiple cases of deaths, caused by the lack of a dive flag – people getting run over by boats or jet skis.

The market offers a variety of products, ranging from small but visible floats, to bigger ones that have additional features, such as more space for you to store items, making it quite literally, a floating stash.

Using the float, you can also attach a lifeline to your speargun, making it unlikely for you to lose your spear when hunting.

Find out what you need to know when choosing best spearfishing float for you.

Types of floats

Generally, you will see a couple types of spearfishing floats.

Hard float

The hard spearfishing floats are one of the most durable products on the market, as they are a tad bit heavier and bigger, as compared to other types.

Inflatable spearfishing float

On the other hand, we have the inflatable spearfishing floats, which are not as solid as the hard ones and are easy to carry around. These compact floats are easy to use and are generally designed for light duty.

Float board

Some people prefer using this type of float, rather than the traditional hard/inflatable ones. Float boards are a good thing to use and let people know you’re diving, and there’s also the benefit that you can leave a bucket with your catch on top of the board, making it unlikely for nearby predators to try and catch your prey.

Below, you will see a list of our top picks when it comes to the best spearfishing floats.

 Omer atoll float

This Omer Atoll float is manufactured using 420D nylon and also has 2 air chambers. The float is highly visible and also carries a flag, that is 30×30 cm, with its flagpole being almost a meter in length. The product is perfect for beginner and advanced spearos, making it our top pick at that price range.

Riffe 3 atmosphere torpedo float

This one is a bit more costly, but it is a totally different type of item. With the Riffe 3 atmosphere tornado, you get a float that has 3 handles- Two on the sides and one in the rear. The float also has an emergency flair holder and can be used with a flag and a ballast weight of up to 3 lbs. The product comes with an air pressure gauge and a schrader valve adapter.

Rob Allen 12 liter overblown foam spearfishing float

This product is made out of a tough polyethylene, used for the outer shell, and has a hollow core. The buoy has perfect hydrodynamic qualities and cuts through the surface with ease. Purchasing this, you can optionally get a dive flag.

When it comes to a good ratio of price to quality, this is one of your top picks.

Palantic Inflatable Gangway Float Boat

best spearfishing float

This inflatable float has a measurement of 35’’ x 24’’ x 11’’, when fully inflated. The float boat also comes with a dive flag that measures 10’’ x 8’’ and of course, a pole that has a length of 19-¾” and a diameter of ½”.

The material that is used to make the outside surface is PVC with reinforced mesh. The inside bladder is also made of PVC materials that are just 0.35 mm thick.

If you purchase this float boat, it will also come with an air pump for the convenience of the customer and 6 D shaped rings on the bottom side and 5 D shaped rings on its top side.


We know for a fact that finding the best product on such a big market is not easy, which is why we made sure to give you our top recommendations, when it comes to choosing the best spearfishing float.

Although in some areas you can go spearfishing without using a float, in most cases it is a crucial part of your spearfishing gear, that is there to keep you safe.

There are different types of floats with different shapes. Make sure you buy one accordingly to the conditions in your environment and your personal needs.

Now that we’ve given you an idea about why it would be adequate to have a spearfishing float as a part of your diving equipment, we hope you will keep safety a priority when you go spearfishing, by picking the optimal product, according to your preferences and budget.

Stay safe out there!

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