Trying To Find The Best Spearfishing Gloves? Here’s what you need to know + Reviews

Spearfishing is one of the oldest methods of fishing under water, therefore it can be enjoyed with little equipment. However, we’re not living in primitive times, so not taking advantage of the available technology is a bit foolish. The more prepared you are when diving, the more efficient you can be. And since gloves are an important gear to own, this article will walk you through everything you need to know when choosing the best spearfishing gloves.

Why owning the best spearfishing gloves is crucial?


The phase ‘safety first’ isn’t so commonly used for no reason. Spearfishing is no exception. When diving to catch your dinner, you should make sure you don’t get injured in process. And diving without gloves does put you in a fair amount of risk that could easily be avoided.

You know how when you spend some time under water your hands become extremely soft, right? Well, in that condition even the slightest scratch can result in a very deep cut. And you have plenty of chances to cut yourself if you’re spearfishing without gloves.

For example, you could be grabbing on rocks to pull yourself along and applying pressure on a rock a bit too sharp with your palms and fingerprints soft would cut you. Or you can be removing a successful catch from your spear. You can easily cut yourself on the fins of a fish that’s still alive and wildly attempting to escape. You might also happen to be pushed by a wave. This could be dangerous as it can smash you into rocks. Therefore you’d want to grab on something which can result in a serious cut.

But a deep cut on itself isn’t that big of a deal. The thing you should be worried about is that the deeper a cut is, the easier it gets infected. And when you swimming under water with, deeply cut there’s no telling what kind of infections you can get.

And even if you don’t get an infection, you’ll still have to wait for the wound to heal before diving again.


Besides safety, a pair of gloves is important because it gives you a way better grip. If you’re planning to dive for a long time, your hand will get cold and that would make it difficult for you to reload a speargun or use a pole spear. A decent pair of gloves will always keep your hands warm.

How to choose the best spearfishing gloves


Just like it goes for most spearfishing equipment, the environment you plan to dive in is the first thing you should take into account. Different environments would require different types of gloves, so make sure you know the conditions in your diving spots before you make a choice. Diving gloves vary in thickness, design and materials, all of which depend on those conditions. If you don’t choose according to them, your gloves will actually be quite useless.


Deciding how thick your gloves should be is quite simple. As common sense dictates, you should use thinner glove in warm waters and thicker gloves in cold waters. The best spearfishing gloves can be from 0.5mm to 7mm+.

When diving in warm waters you should use gloves with thickness between 0.5mm and 3mm. Naturally, a thinner glove would be more flexible and allow you to move your hand freely. They’re also easier to put on and off. On the other hand, thin gloves provide less protection for your hands than thicker ones.

If your desire is to dive in deep or cold waters, then you should choose gloves that are at least 4mm thick. Although the thickness takes away from your flexibility and hand movement, it does provide way better protection and insulation.

It’s also important to point out that if you’re planning to use a dive camera, you’ll need a design with full hand functionality.


In most cases, you’d want to buy the classic five finger design. It mimics the shape of your hand. That makes it very comfortable but more importantly – gives you optimal hand functionality under water.

If you plan to dive in extremely cold waters, then the best spearfishing gloves for you would be of mitten design. The mitten design allows your fingers to stick together and is as thick as possible. That allows for maximum heat insulation. Although it takes away most of your hand movement, in very cold waters it would be a priority to keep your hands warm. You’d find it very difficult to catch fish while you can’t feel your hands at all.

Both designs can come with a split-wrist or a solid-wrist. The split-wrist design has a Velcro or a zipper and is way more convenient when putting on and off. The solid-wrist however is way better at keeping water out, thus would be the better choice for cold waters.


The most suitable material for the best spearfishing gloves is neoprene. It’s very flexible and is made to be used under water. Some gloves might have additional materials such as Amara or Dyneema.

Amara is a synthetic leather that’s most often placed on the palm and fingers of the glove. That provides extra grip that allows you to grab thing you normally can’t.

Dyneema is a strong and abrasion resistant material. It provides very good protection which allows you to use you hands freely without worrying about any cuts. It’s best suited for dives that would require a lot of working with your hands. However, it doesn’t provide any heat insulation so it’s not appropriate for cold waters.


When you’re trying on gloves, you want to look for a nice snug fit. When they get in the water they will stretch and fit you perfectly. Just make sure they’re not too tight and don’t stop you blood circulation.

Reviews for the best spearfishing gloves on the market


best spearfishing gloves

One of the best spearfishing gloves you can choose for cold and rough conditions. They are made of Nylon and Neoprene and are 5mm thick. A classic five finger design with a split-wrist. The design and flexible materials allow for very good hand movement. These gloves will keep your hands warm and protect them from any sharp objects.

Their only downside is that the split-wrist design allows water to come in and the thickness around the fingers allow it to flow. That can make your experience a bit uncomfortable if you’re still a beginner and not used to these types of conditions.


Like the previous pair of gloves on the list, these are also an excellent choice for cold waters. They too are made of Nylon and Neoprene and are 5mm thick. The design is again five fingers that are also bent for extra mobility and hand functionality. Their thickness provide very good protection for your hands. Also the solid-wrist design prevents water from getting in.


These may be the best spearfishing gloves for you if you plan to dive in tropic areas, wrecks or salvages. They are made entirely of Dyneema which makes them extremely abrasion resistant. And yet they are very thin and seamless. Their thickness is 1.5mm and have a five finger design with a solid-wrist. Although they don’t provide no heat insulation at all, if you want to work with your hands under water, you might find them of very good use.


best spearfishing gloves

ScubaPro once again gives us a very high quality product for spearfishing at a reasonable price. These gloves are made of Nylon and Neoprene and are 3mm thick. Surprisingly, even though they are not very thick, they provide good heat insulation and allow for good hand mobility at the same time. They also have a five fingers with solid-wrist design. Their only weakness is that the seal isn’t perfect which can sometimes allow water to leak in. Nonetheless, they are a very good choice of gloves and can be used in various environments.


These might be the best spearfishing gloves for you if you’re looking for excellent grip, good protection and good flexibility at the same time. The material they are made of is Stretch Neoprene and they are 5mm thick. This allows them to have a good heat insulation and allow you to move your hands freely. They also have the five fingers with solid-wrist design and a very tight fit that prevents water entry almost completely. These gloves really bring it all together and come at a good price too. That is why they are easily one of our most recommended picks.


A really good choice for spearfishing in deep or cold waters. They are made of Nylon and Neoprene and are 5mm thick. Their design is a five fingers with solid-wrist. The zipper on the wrist makes them very easy to put on and off. Although they are bulky and limit your hand flexibility, they do have very good heat insulation and will protect your hands as well. That makes them one of the best spearfishing gloves for harsh conditions.


Another high tech ScubaPro product on the list, but at an even lower price this time. These gloves are made of Neoprene on the back part and Amara on the palm and fingers. They are 1.5mm thick and are very light and comfortable.

The Amara of course provides you with extra grip. Except the five fingers the also have the split-wrist design. They come in black, white or gray color. Their only disadvantage is that sizes sometimes run large and it might be difficult to find the best fit.


If you are still a beginner and diving in shallow or reef waters, these might be the best spearfishing gloves for you. That’s because they are very inexpensive so you can use them while still perfecting your skills. They are made entirely of Neoprene and are 3mm thick, and are also very flexible. They also have increased grip but not thanks to Amara – they have rubber printed palms and fingers. Their only downside is that the solid-wrist is known to tear after being used for long periods of time.


The ScubaPro Seamless are one of the best spearfishing gloves for warm water dives. They are 2mm thick and made of Neoprene. The heat tape seams make these glove very abrasion resistant, lightweight, and easy to take on and off. They can provide excellent hand flexibility and grip. Their design is five fingers with a solid-wrist. The only disadvantage these glove have is that the wrist part can tear easily if you’re not careful when putting them on and off.


Regardless of what kind of waters you want to dive in, a pair of decent gloves is always an essential part of you spearfishing equipment.

Not wearing glove when diving could possibly risk your health because it is fairly easy to cut yourself deeply under water and even easier to get a deep cut infected. Besides that, gloves also help you be more efficient when hunting by allowing you to have a better grip and keep you hands warm for longer.

Before purchasing you must first consider the conditions you are going to dive in or otherwise your gloves will be of very little use. Once you have taken that into account, you must consider the materials, design and thickness of your gloves.

We hope this article helped you choose the best spearfishing gloves for you. And as always, your opinions and feedback would be appreciated so feel free to share them with us in the comments. Good luck spearfishing!

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