All You Need To Know To Choose The Best Spearfishing Mask (With Reviews)

When planning to scuba dive to hunt fish you’ll need to have a whole set up of equipment. One of the most key elements is your mask. Knowing how to choose the best spearfishing mask for you is crucial; an ordinary scuba diving mask could not be the right choice for spearfishing.

Your ability to see your potential catch is your number one priority – you can’t catch what you can’t see. That means that knowing the factors you’ll need to take in consideration when buying a mask is fundamental.

And as always, we strive to make your research as simple as possible so let’s dive in and find out everything you need to know when choosing the best spearfishing mask.

What you’ll need to know to pick the best spearfishing mask for you


The first need to know characteristic of your mask is its profile, also called volume. A mask’s profile or volume is essentially the distance between its lens and the wearer’s eyes.

The major difference between a regular scuba diving mask and a spearfishing mask is in their profile/volume. A spearfishing mask has lower profile which traps less air.

The shorter distance between the lenses and your eyes allows you to see your catches way better than the high profile. A high profile changes your perspective to a certain degree. It does so in a way that makes distances between you and objects ahead of you appear longer and sizes appear smaller.


In case you have eyesight problems and you can’t wear glasses with the mask or you are long sighted so you can’t wear contact lens, don’t worry.

Some manufacturers provide the opportunity to adjust the lenses of the mask in a way that corrects your vision. Then you can freely dive to catch some fish.

Another custom feature that is available are the mirrored lenses. They are very efficient at reflecting light which makes your vision much brighter.

The best spearfishing mask for you might have mirrored lenses if you plan to dive in waters with lower visibility conditions like deep dives, caves, dirty waters etc.

Some types of mirrored lenses can hide your eyes which makes you harder to be detected by your prey.

However, in clean waters they lower your visibility to a certain extend, so they’re not very popular.

Color of the mask

Undoubtedly, when you dive you wouldn’t want to be noticed by the fish. So when you’re choosing the best spearfishing mask for you, you’ll want to buy a mask with the right color.

In most cases the color should be as dark as possible. Not only are they being harder to see, dark colors also reflect very little light so they make it easier for you to see.

There are areas where it’s acceptable to wear a brightly colored mask. Like when you’re diving in reefs, hunting for smaller fish. A mask in bright green color should blend in perfectly with the vegetation of a reef.


The materials of which your mask is made of are very important because your vision underwater is too crucial.

You wouldn’t want to dive to catch some fish while looking through low quality lenses. Lenses that are made of cheap materials will significantly lower your visibility. Furthermore, low quality lenses can even break under the pressure of the water if you dive deeper.

The most reliable material for your mask is soft silicone. It allows your mask to have the best, most comfortable fit possible. At the same time it’s very durable and will not only last for long, but you would also never have to ever worry about it breaking in deep waters.

Spearfishing also requires masks with lenses that are tempered instead of regular plastic lenses. The tempered lenses allow for way more precise vision under water.

Camera mount

It’s easy to see why you might find it useful to record your experience underwater. You would have the chance to observe your skills, notice and improve mistakes that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

Since the built-in cameras tend to not last very long nor give you high quality footage, you would prefer a mask with a camera mount attached to it.

The camera should be angled to be able to film what you’re seeing. You should also avoid exhaled bubble interfering with it.

How to choose the right fit

Before you choose the best spearfishing mask you must first make sure it will fit you perfectly underwater.

A bigger size would slip and allow water to enter your mask or at the very least least would cause fogging. A smaller one on the other hand will be tight which will be limiting your blood circulation. This will not only make you feel very uncomfortable, but will also cause awful headaches.

This would prevent you from making successful catches. So make sure you get the perfectly sized mask that’s not too big but also not too tight.

Of course, to know that a mask fits you, you need to try it. If you don’t have a physical store close to you and it’s inconvenient for you to travel, you can purchase masks online. But you must choose sites that allow you to return the mask, should it not fit you.

If you’re purchasing a mask online, you should have two things in mind – the width and the shape of the nose piece.

The width of the skirt of the mask will depend on how narrow or broad your face is. And depending on the shape of your nose, the nose piece should be flat if your nose is wide or pointed if your nose is long and pointy.

How to know if it’s the right fit when you’re trying a mask?

When trying a mask slightly push it to  your face to imitate the pressure when diving underwater. Then start breathing only through your nose and try to tell whether it leaks air or seals well. When doing that also pay attention to how comfortable the mask feels when applying pressure.

Lastly, check how much of your surroundings can you see without turning your head. The more you move your head, the easier a fish can detect you. So you better choose a mask with good visibility.

Best spearfishing masks for 2018 reviews

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a mask, we can look at some reviews. We’ve picked high quality masks that will give you a variety of choices.

We’ve also tried to think about spearfishermen who are trying to get their set up together on a budget. We hope this list helps you choose the best spearfishing mask fo you.

Cressi Metis

The Cressi Metis is a very affordable mask that’s used for advanced spearfishing. It has great visibility thanks to the very low profile and 2-pane window with mirrored lens.

The skirt and strap of this mask are wide, and a the nose piece is pointy. The lens come in yellow, black, green and brown color. The variety of colors allow you to blend in different types of environments.


The Omer Alien is a mask of very high quality that comes at a bit higher price than the previous on the list. That’s because it has a unique design that makes it to be as comfortable and practical as possible.

Moreover, the lens have excellent visibility and wide field of vision. Since it’s designed for spearfishing, it comes in a variety of colors like camu, black, black moon, sea green, and can come with black mirrored lenses. That’s why it can be used in a lot of different environments like reefs, blue waters, caves or rocky terrains an more.

This one could be the best spearfishing mask for you in case you plan to dive in shallow waters or reefs in particular.

The lens of the mask come in the form of a 2-pane window and its nose piece and skirt are both wide.


This is a black free diving mask and the materials it’s made of are multiple types of silicone. The soft silicone allows for perfect sealing to prevent water from leaking in.

Furthermore, it has two separate lenses that are positioned in a wat that allows for optimal width of your field of vision.

The skirt is not very wide so it fits best on narrow faces and the nose piece is pointy.

The best characteristic of this mask is that it’s a more affordable version of an expensive, high quality design with a very comfortable, soft skirt.

The worst characteristic is that it’s too small and has too low profile for guys with bigger faces.


The Omega Zero 3 is a mask that has one of the best cost-quality ratio you can find on the market. The high visibility it provides is on a whole different level.

The material it’s made of is silicone rubber that seals exceptionally well.

Its available colors are black, olive and mud and has a 2-pane window. Its nose piece and skirt are both wide.

The only disadvantage it has is that its low profile can be a bit uncomfortable for some.


This is the overall best mask on the list – it really brings it all together. It’s quite expensive and made of silicone materials.

There is a variety of colors it comes in like black, blue, pink, yellow, lilac, and white. This mask is designed to be most comfortable for spearfishing due to the very slim bridge.

It also has great visibility with its two separate tempered lenses. Unfortunately, wouldn’t feel very comfortable on a wider face.


The XS-Foto is a mask with an optimal field of vision, made of high quality silicone materials.

The window is a single tempered lens.

It’s made to be perfect for filmography with a built-in stainless camera mount.

It is fairly expensive, however it may be the best spearfishing mask for you if you want to record your experience underwater.


A very high quality but at the same time very affordable mask. Made of silicone materials. With a single frame window that provides both comfort and a very wide frame of visibility.

It comes with a black, wide skirt with blue or orange lens with anti-glare coating for better depth perception. The lens also hide your eyes so it’s harder for the fish to notice you.

Although the frame is more solid and a bit heavier than most, it’s still an excellent mask for spearfishing.

Kraken Aquatics Snorkel Dive Mask

A very versatile mask, usable for free diving, scuba diving and snorkeling. The material it’s made of is high quality, flexible silicone.

That flexibility allows the skirt the adapt to the shape of your face, making this mask very comfortable and perfectly seals the air in it.

Lens are made of tempered glass that can’t be scratched or shattered. It is also a single-framed window that maximizes your field of vision.

Mares Viper Free Diving Mask

Designed for the most dedicated spearfishermen and freedivers. Made of last generation silicone.

It comes with an adjustable strap can be set precisely to your head’s size.

Its innovative design is modeled with great attention to facial ergonomics, which makes it suitable to any type of face.

It comes in black, blue, white, and green camo. Which means it can be used in a variety of areas like reefs, shallow waters, blue waters, deep waters, rocky terrains and a lot more


best spearfishing mask

Best spearfishing mask if you’re planning to go spearfishing for big game fish in deep waters – it is known to be quite durable under pressure.

It also provides excellent visibility and a very wide field of vision with its 2-pane. That makes it very suitable for spearfishing as it allows you to stalk your prey without moving your head.

While this mask seals pretty good on the face, the seal on the nose might not be perfect (especially if you have a wide face). It’s also good for spearfishing in reefs and free diving, it comes with a snorkel and might be camouflaged as well.


If this article proves helpful and you do find the best spearfishing mask for you, it will most likely last for quite a while. However, this still doesn’t mean you’re going to use it forever. You might also want to buy multiple masks for various environments. That’s why you should always remember the key points in choosing a mask. Which are the profile, lenses, color, fit of the mask and the materials it’s made of.

We hope this post helps you pick the right one and we wish you good luck while using it. Once again we tried to give you as much information as we could at one place and make it as simple as possible. Your opinions on our work would always be appreciated so feel free to let us know what you think in the comment section.

Well wishes, the SpearoManiac!

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