What Is The Best Spearfishing Snorkel I Can Use? +Reviews

Spearfishing require very little investment and can be done with very little equipment. However, if you want to catch as many fish as possible, you would want to have a whole setup of equipment when diving. The more tools you use when diving, the more efficient you can be. That’s why today we’ll be going through how to choose the best spearfishing snorkel.

A snorkel is a very simple, yet very important piece of equipment. It’s almost impossible to dive for an extended period of time without one. You can also swim close to the surface and look for the best spot to hunt. Sort of giving you a bird’s view under water.

Since it significantly prolongs the time you are able to spend under water, any snorkel would mean a big improvement. Nonetheless, using a good snorkel that is suitable for spearfishing makes a huge difference.

How to choose the best spearfishing snorkel

There are different types of snorkels for different activities. Choosing the one that is most suitable for spearfishing and comfortable for you is essential. Otherwise your experience underwater may be quite awkward.

For spearfishing you would want to use a snorkel that is as compact and simple as possible.



First of all things to take in consideration is the shape of the mouthpiece. Even if you get the best spearfishing snorkel, choosing a one with mouthpiece that doesn’t fit you would make your dive fairly wearisome. Not to worry too much about it to though, as most mouthpieces are replaceable. You can choose between classic, orthodontic, or even special pieces that you can mould at home after soaking in hot water. The mouthpiece of your snorkel should feel comfortable and not tire your jaw muscles or irritate your gums.


You should always consider the height and the width of the mouthpiece.

Surprisingly, some manufacturers put out snorkels that have their mouthpiece are way too close to the tube. That makes it difficult to hold your lips around it properly. It also prevents you from sealing your lips well and requires a lot of effort to keep in your mouth for longer

On the contrary, the piece can also be placed too far from the tube. That results in amplified movement of the mouth piece which will easily put it out of your mouth. This will also increase the effort you need to put in to keep the mouthpiece in place.

If the mouthpiece is too wide, it will also be very hard and uncomfortable to keep it in your mouth of and extended period of time. It may sometimes seem that even though the height or width are not perfect, they can still be hold easily. You should always remember however, that you will be diving for hours and your jaw muscles WILL tire if they have to be flexed to keep the mouthpiece in place.


A snorkel that is suitable for spearfishing should rather be contoured than flexible. To put on the mouthpiece of a flexible snorkel, you have to flex the bottom/corrugated part. Then the bottom part wants to straighten again. Which actually requires a fair amount of effort to be maintained, in order to keep the mouthpiece in your mouth.

A contoured snorkel will have a moderate curve which will help you effortlessly keep the mouthpiece in your mouth. That curve however should not be exaggerated or it will be harder to keep the snorkel above the water.

Dry snorkels

Some snorkels have systems that don’t allow water to come in through the top. While some really restrict water from going in the snorkel, a lot of them are actually quite useless. Still, having a snorkel that can permanently stay dry is a good idea.

On the other hand, it comes with the price of a big mass sitting on the top of the snorkel. That’s not suitable for spearfishing because when you take it out of your mouth to dive in it dangles around, bangs against your head and creates drag. Moreover, some systems can also restrict the air flow and make it a lot more difficult to clean the snorkel.

Tube stiffness

If you don’t have a snorkel keeper, you put it under the strap of the mask. If the snorkel you are using is too hard, using it like that would put too much pressure against your ear or head.

On the contrary, if the snorkel is too soft, it would bend too much and that would restrict the air flow. Ideally, you would use a snorkel that has moderate stiffness. Just try twisting the snorkel and you will see if it is too soft or too hard.

Purge valves

A lot of snorkels come with purge systems that allow easier cleaning. Like the drying systems, a lot of them simply don’t work and others seem to work in the beginning but start to malfunction as time goes on. A great deal of those purge valves don’t actually push the water out. Instead they allow water to escape from them, which means no matter how hard you exhale, you won’t clean the water.

At the same time, most of them are relatively bulky. And having a snorkel that has more mass is very inconvenient when is comes to spearfishing, as stated for the dying systems. We think you already see why the best spearfishing snorkel would definitely NOT have a purge valve.

Snorkel keeper

Tucking the snorkel under the mask strap may not always be the best solution. As we have already established, this can put painful pressure on your head and/or ear. It also creates the uncomfortable feeling that the mask is being pulled out of alignment. Built-in snorkel keepers can have the same effect which makes them rather useless. The one very good thing about tucking it under the strap of the mask is how good it secures the snorkel and keeps it out of the way when diving.

That benefit also comes with a regular snorkel keepers that are most often very cheap too. It’s also very convenient to know that your snorkel is connected to your mask. You never have to worry about losing it. At the same time it’s very well secured and doesn’t bounce around without leaving dents on your head.


A great deal of snorkels on the market come in very bright colors. You should avoid that as it makes you more easily detectable by the fish. In no matter what form of hunting you participate, you don’t want to scare off your prey and let it escape. That’s why when you want to buy a snorkel for spearfishing you must only choose subtle dark colors, so you can sneak up on the fish. The best spearfishing snorkel would be transparent. That way you can easily see if it needs to be cleaned and best camouflages under the water.

Tube bore

When buying the best spearfishing snorkel you’ll also need to pay attention to its inner diameter, also called bore. If you buy a snorkel with a smaller bore, your air passage will be limited. On the other hand, buying a snorkel with inner diameter too big would mean it would be way more difficult to blow water out of it. Determining the perfect diameter length is highly individual as it always depends on the individual’s lung capacity. If you happen to have to choose between a longer diameter and a shorter one, you should choose the longer one in most cases.


Given that a product is best suited for your activity in its classic, most simple form, you shouldn’t allow yourself to pay too much for it. Yes, you are looking for the best spearfishing snorkel but there are some on the market that just way overpriced. Paying anything more than 40$ for a snorkel that should be as simple as possible is just ridiculous. And 40 bucks is even a high price, we are setting the bar at 40 just in case you find a very unique design that is actually worth it. This product is very cheap and easy to make, especially in its simplest design, so spend your money accordingly.

Reviews for the best spearfishing snorkels on the market

Now that you know what are the things that you should always avoid and how the best spearfishing snorkel should be, lets dive in for some reviews.

SPORASUB Silicone Breeze Snorkel

The SPORASUB Silicone Breeze a very high quality J-shaped snorkel with a simple design for a reasonable price. Black color so the fish can hardly notice you. It has a very comfortable mouthpiece placed perfectly so it can effortlessly stay in your mouth. A very durable snorkel of simple design that will last you for a very long time for sure. It is made of silicone material that makes it very light and comfortable to use. A moderate curve of the tube that allows it to stay above the surface easily. Manufactured by Omer and made in China.

Mares Dual Spear Fishing Snorkel

A very high quality, black colored snorkel that is designed to have the perfect inner diameter. Constructed from bi-materials with special textures that prevent irritation on the back of your neck. It also allows for perfectly moderate flexibility. It also has a unique hydrodynamic design that reduced the created vibrations and sounds under water. The mouthpiece is perfectly placed and it allows for both easy breathing and effortlessly holding the snorkel in your mouth. This model also comes with a very hydrodynamic snorkel keeper that secures the snorkel very well, limiting its movements. All of this and it is also very durable and comes at a low price.

XS Scuba Flo Snorkel

This is easily one of the best options, when looking for the best spearfishing snorkel, the market has to offer. It’s an old school design of a J-shaped style. The style allows for a moderate curvature, making it very easy to keep the top of the snorkel above the surface of the water. With a silicone rubber mouthpiece that is placed at a proper height and has a comfortable shape, you can easily stay in the water for hours. It also comes with a hydrodynamic snorkel keeper that is adjustable for maximum comfort. Not only that, it comes at a very low price as well.

Kraken Aquatics Freediving Snorkel

best spearfishing snorkel

This black colored snorkel is designed for moderate flexibility and maximum durability. It comes with a snorkel keeper and a compact storage case that makes it very easy to carry around. Replaceable mouthpiece that provides perfect air flow, easy breathing, and easy purging. It is also suitable to be used for scuba diving, snorkelling and free diving.


Spearfishing is one of the oldest underwater hunting methods and snorkels have been used for thousands of years, and it’s easy to see why. Not using one really reduces your efficiency under water and significantly shortens the length of your dives. Diving with a snorkel allows you to stay in the water for way longer. Instead of always resurfacing to catch your breath, you can swim on the surface. That means you can always be scouting for the best spots to catch fish.

When spearfishing you would want to use a snorkel that is as simple and compact as possible. There are a lot of features that offer tempting advantages, but always at the price of the snorkel becoming too massive. Still, it is up to you if you won’t find some of those features worth it and tuck the tube under the strap of your mask, to prevent it from bouncing around. You also shouldn’t pay too much for a snorkel, as for spearfishing it is most suitable in its most simple form.

We hope you found this article helpful and that it made your research much easier. If you liked reading this one, you should have look at how to choose the best spearfishing gloves. Let us know if we helped you find the best spearfishing snorkel and good luck spearfishing!

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