Looking For The Best Spearfishing Wetsuit? Top 11 Reviews + Choosing Guidelines

No matter how your level of skill and experience, nor the type of spearfishing, a wetsuit would be essential for your setup of equipment. Your wetsuit will keep you warm, protected and comfortable under water. Choosing the best spearfishing wetsuit for you will surely require a fair amount of research to be done.

There are a lot of things you would want to take in consideration. As usual, we are trying to make your research and choice as simple as we can, so let us walk you through the things you need to know to choose the best spearfishing wetsuit.

Knowing how to choose the best spearfishing wetsuit for you

The style

First of all, you need to be sure that you’re choosing the right style. There are different types of wetsuits for different sports, environments or even types of spearfishing.

Knowing which style to choose one of the key components you need to know to pick the best spearfishing wetsuit for you. Otherwise you might buy a suit that wouldn’t be suitable for your environment or activity and that would make them useless.

The Streamer

The Streamer style is the best choice for beginners. It’s a one-piece that covers your entire body and zip across your chest or your back.

This style is the most affordable option you’ll get, so when you’re still just starting out, staying in the reefs and not going for big game fish, you might want to use these.

While you are still developing the skill and experience, you don’t really need to invest in a full setup yet.

The Shorty

The shorty wetsuit has short sleeves and legs. Obviously used only in warm waters.

You might want to use it in very warm waters where a full body suit would trap the heat in.

Not very popular among experienced spearfishers.

The two-piece

Used most commonly by experienced veterans who have been spearfishing for a long time and who dive in deep waters, hunting for big game fish on the regular basis.

The two-piece consists of a top jacket, connected with pants with a system of clips. Some of them don’t connect but they’re all full-body and very hydrodynamic.

If you make your living off spearfishing, the best spearfishing wetsuit for you should be a two-piece.


Depending on the environment of the area you plan to dive in, the thickness of your suit will differ.

In warm waters you would surely want to wear thinner suits to avoid overheating. Anything thicker than 1.25-5mm will be a risk at 24+ degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit).

However, if you are planning to dive in a colder area, the best spearfishing wetsuit for you would be thicker than 3.5mm at 15 degrees Celsius/ 59 Fahrenheit. Anything colder than that shouldn’t require more than 5mm thick suit.

On the contrary, you shouldn’t wear a suit that is too thick or you will be seriously limiting your mobility and your ability to maneuver under water. Also the extra neoprene would make you positively buoyant, so you would have add extra weight or you would float.


The best spearfishing wetsuit for you might come in different materials.

You should keep an eye on the quality of the material of your wetsuit. Otherwise you might purchase a suit that would tear easily, feel uncomfortable or last for a short while.

The most commonly used materials differ in two types called open-cell neoprene and closed-cell neoprene.

Open-cell neoprene

Most two-piece suits or specialized suits are manufactured using this type of material.

This material has air pockets that adhere to the skin of the suit. That makes it excellent at trapping heat around your body to keep you warm. Which means open-cell neoprene is a good choice for cold waters.

It also grants very good protection for your skin so it can be used in rough areas as well.

That is why open-cell neoprene is your best choice if you planning to dive in colder areas or ones with rocky, jagged terrains.

The only disadvantage of this material is that it requires lubrication. Putting it directly on your skin would damage both your skin and wetsuit.

Closed-cell neoprene

Closed-cell neoprene is the more widely spread one. It’s cheaper and you will find it in most shops. Although it’s the cheaper one of the two, it’s also the more durable one as well.

It’s also a more versatile material. You can also use it for more purposes as it is fairly often used for surfing, free diving, scuba diving etc.

Understandably, this would be the material of the best spearfishing wetsuit for you if you are a beginner. It’s only disadvantage is that it wouldn’t be good to wear in colder conditions.


Wherever you plan to dive, whatever you plan to hunt, camouflage is one of the key factors that can never be overlooked.

Quite few people tend to disagree with this but at the end of the day it always affects your chances of making a successful dive. It’s not like armies all over the world and evolution would both prefer this strategy for no reason whatsoever.

Blending in with the environment that you’re diving in will always give you an advantage when trying to catch fish.

So when choosing the best spearfishing wetsuit, you would like it to be one that allows you to not be seen by your prey. Especially in areas with very good visibility where you would be way easier to be recognized as a threat by the fish.

So you might want to consider the colors and brightness of your suit. That would be affected by the areas you plan to dive in.

If you are hunting in rocky terrain, you should wear a suit with blend of brown or gray. Blend of blues would go well in open water areas and green would be perfect when fishing in reefs.

Reviews for best spearfishing wetsuit

Now that we have went through everything you need to know when choosing a wetsuit, we give you our list and reviews for the best spearfishing wetsuit the market has to offer right now.

Here are our top picks:

SEAC Body fit

This one is a full length streamer without a hood. It’s made of closed-cell neoprene with smooth exterior. Color options are blend of blue and green camouflage so it is perfect for reefs or open waters. The thickness is 1.5mm. It’s very comfortable and allows for good flexibility so you can move freely under water.

All of these characteristics make this wetsuit a perfect for warm, reef areas.


Another thin suit, perfect for warm areas, makes it to this list. This one however, is best used in open waters with good visibility due to its blue colored camouflage. It’s a two piece with a hood and reinforcing pads on the knees, elbows, chest and seams.

The 1.5 mm thick wetsuit with very high quality camouflage allows you to be very agile, flexible and it’s easy to put on.  The materials are hyper stretch neoprene and nylon exterior.

Despite that this suit is a really good choice, thanks to its flexible materials and high quality camouflage, the bright colors of the camouflage would make you suspicious to fish if you use it outside of open waters. And that would have its effect on your success rate so choose according to your environment.


The Cressi Tentica is a 3.5mm thick suit made of open-cell neoprene that’s strongly reinforced. It is also very good at trapping heat around your body and keeping you warm.

A great deal of experienced spearfishermen tend to choose when diving in rocky areas or any other rough terrains as it has very good protection.

It’s style is hooded two piece and it has brown blended camoflauge, perfect for rocky terrains.


This suit is a streamer without a hood with the thickness of 1.5mm.

It’s widely used by spearfishermen who dive more than they hunt. That’s because its design allows for optimal flexibility, mobility and its surface is extremely hydrodynamic.

Naturally, you would want to use a suit of this sort if you happen to dive in areas that don’t have plenty of fish. Areas like that require you to swim around a lot more and this suit would help you go to different locations as quickly as possible.

The material it’s made of is closed-cell neoprene with extra smooth exterior which allows you to glide through the water effortlessly.

Although it has the advantage of being very flexible, it doesn’t have reinforced parts and it is quite thin so it doesn’t provide good protection.

Which means it wouldn’t be a good choice for rocky areas or any other rough terrains. It also doesn’t come camouflaged.


This one is a very high quality suit, designed specifically for spearfishing in very cold waters. It’s 5mm thick, two piece with high top pants and a hood.

The material it’s made of is an impressively well made open-cell neoprene that’s both very flexible, yet very thick and good at trapping heat close to your body. The thickness also protects you well in rough terrains. 

If you plan to dive in cold waters or rough terrains, this could very possibly be the best spearfishing wetsuit for your environment.


Like the previous suit on the list, this is a 5mm thick wetsuit that is very good at keeping you warm, protecting you and at the same time allows for very good flexibility.

The material this one is made of is closed-cell neoprene and its style is a streamer. It feels very comfortable when put on and it closes with a zipper that goes across the back.

If you’re planning to dive in cold waters this might be the best spearfishing wetsuit for you.


The Cressi Morea is a full length one piece suit that is best suited for use in warm waters. Its zipper also goes across the back like the previous one.

Its thickness is 3mm and it has extra protection. The material this one is made of is closed-cell neoprene with rubber chest. It also has very high durability and flexibility.

The rubber chest might be a bit too thin which in some cases makes it uncomfortable to use a speargun.

Despite being highly durable, this suit is also really affordable. So if you’re looking for good cost-durability ratio, this might be the best spearfishing wetsuit for you.

It’s also quite versatile – it can very easily be used for other sports as well.


This might be the best spearfishing wetsuit for you if you are planning to dive into very cold waters or ones that have extremely rough terrains.

The thickness of this suit is 5.5mm which makes it highly durable and allows for excellent heat induction. Furthermore, it has a lot of reinforcement pads that can protect your body in extreme conditions.

Its style is two piece, it has a hood and the material it’s made of is open-cell neoprene with nylon exterior.

Another thing that is quite impressive about this one is that the extra layers don’t affect the flexibility of the suit. In fact, it’s highly flexible.

The high quality green camouflage makes it perfect for reefs and any waters with a lot of vegetation.


This full length streamer without a hood might be the best spearfishing wetsuit for you if you’re planning to dive in warm reefs. It’s made of closed-cell neoprene with a chest pad that makes it very flexible.

The camouflage is as good as it gets, perfect for areas with rich vegetation. Its thickness is 2.5 mm and it can also protect your body in rough terrains.

It also has a lot of pockets and other useful features and it’s very easy to put on or put off.


Although this wetsuit only comes in black which won’t give you the opportunity to blend in your environment trough camouflage, it will allow you to be unbelievably agile.

This is the suit that you would use if you were aiming to be as hydrodynamic as currently possible. This hooded two piece is made of open-cell neoprene with smooth exterior.

It’s 3mm thick and it allows you to hold your breath easier than a lot of other suits. It’s only other downside is that it doesn’t give you any protection if diving in rough terrains.

Although it has its disadvantages, its high quality might make it the best spearfishing wetsuit for you.

Zoot Sports Men’s Z Force 3.0 Sl Wetzoot

Best Spearfishing Wetsuit

Yet another wetsuit on this list that’s made of very high quality material. The sleeveless design will allow you to be very agile and move around freely.

The material it’s made of is a high tech polyester-spandex that makes the suit extremely hydrodynamic. It’s 3mm to 4mm thick and it is quite good at trapping heat around your body so it will keep you warm. Just like the previous suit on the list, its only disadvantages is that it lacks protection and doesn’t have the option of camouflage.


It’s very important for you to keep in mind that sooner or later you will have to buy a new wetsuit. That’s why you should remember how to choose the best spearfishing wetsuit for you.

You also probably learned that if you’re planning to dive in different types of areas, hunting of different species of fish, you would likely want to own multiple suits.

What suits you use would depend on the conditions you’re diving in. Cold waters or rocky, rough terrains would require a wetsuit that’s thicker and has reinforcing pads for more protection.

The area would also affect the color of the camouflage you want to use. If you would be hunting for small fish that lives in warm waters, you would need a thinner, more hydrodynamic suit that allows you to glide through the water quickly.

What do you think? Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comment section. Your feedback and opinion on our works is always appreciated and important to us. Feel free to share it. If you like this article, you might want to check our article on how to pick the best speargun.

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