Find out which is the current best spearfishing gear (with reviews)

If you want to reach your full potential as a spearfisher, you will need to use a whole set up of equipment. Every single piece of this setup belongs there for different reasons – some tools keep you safe under water and some help you catch more fish. Which is why they must not be ignored, so let’s find out what you need to know, to get the best spearfishing gear.

We want to make your research as easy as possible. That is why we are giving you everything you need to know when buying each piece of you spearfishing equipment setup in one place.

Speargun or Pole spear

It should be pretty obvious that you can’t be spearfishing without owning a speargun or a pole spear. Let’s see what you need to know when choosing the best speargun or best pole spear for you.

Pole spear

If you are still a beginner, we recommend you start with a pole spear. Pole spears are the more affordable option because they are way more simplified than the spearguns.

That makes them very easy to use, which is why they are a great choice when you are still developing your skills. A pole spear is essentially a spear attached to a sling that you stretch with your hand and grab the shaft of the spear. Then you release the spear to propel it and guide it with your hand.

If you want a more in depth explanation on how to use a pole spear, click here.

Furthermore, there is always the chance that you accidentally shoot your spear if you are using a speargun. Learning to maneuver under water while holding a weapon isn’t easy.

If you are not careful, you can accidentally pull the trigger and shoot on of your friends or hit a rock and break your spear. There is no such risk when you are using a pole spear, so that is another reason why pole spears are better for beginners.

How to choose the best pole spear

First of all, pole spears can have different type of spear tips.

The single tip is the most commonly used. It’s best for small and medium sized fish, but once you become good at spearfishing, you can also use it for big game fish.

The paralyzer doesn’t kill the fish unless you are shooting from a short distance. It is used to stun the fish for long enough for you to come and subdue it. It also requires less precision in your aim.

The slip-tip detaches from the spear once you’ve hit a target. Used only for hunting big game fish.

Pole spears can also come in various length.

We recommend for beginners to use shorter spears while learning. It’s way easier to maneuver under water with a shorter spear than a longer one. Moreover, you wouldn’t need a longer spear if you are going to hunt only small or medium sized species of fish.

Once you’ve figured out what spear tip and length you pole spear will have, you must consider the materials it will be made of.

Pole spears can be made of carbon fiber, graphite, aluminum, fiberglass or wood. The high quality ones are usually made of fiberglass or carbon fiber, depending if the spear if light or heavy.

Best pole spear for big game fish

Headhunter Predator Pole Spear

This pole spear has a unique, innovative design. It breaks down into two pieces that are made of different materials.

The back part is made of a composite material that is both stronger and lighter than aluminum. The front part is constructed with carbon fiber. The two halves connect with stainless steel that prevents malfunctioning.

It weighs 1.6 lbs. The length of the shaft of this pole spear is 9 feet and its tip is a slip-tip.

Best pole spear for medium sized fish

CARBON FIBER 7′ One Piece Spearfishing Pole Spear

This pole spear is made of carbon fiber, which is estimated to be about 40% lighter than fiberglass.

Despite that it’s a light spear, it still has plenty of penetrating force, which makes it perfect for medium sized fish.

It comes with an extra sharp, removable single tip that is made of stainless steel. Its length is 7 feet.

Best pole spear for hunting small fish

Scuba Choice 5′

A very high quality, yet inexpensive pole spear that is perfect for beginners.

It is very light, made of fiberglass and it is 5 feet long.

The tip it usually comes with a paralyzer tip, but it is removable, so you can replace it with a slip-tip or a flopper. It also comes with a bag to make it easier to transport.


When buying a speargun, you’ll need to take multiple factors into account. Those factors are its length, its shaft, and the type of your gun.

There are two types of guns – pneumatic and band spearguns. The pneumatic uses compressed air to propel the spear and the other type uses a rubber band. It’s a matter of personal choice, they are equally powerful. Their major difference is that you have to manually pump the air of the pneumatic guns.

How long your spear is will determine how long distances it can travel and how powerful shot it has. Longer spears require more propelling force and have longer travel distances. If you’re a beginner you’ll be hunting mostly small fish so a shorter spear should be just fine for you.

There are three different types of shafts – the single flopper (also called Tahitian), double flopper and the breakaway.

The single flopper has a single barb coming out of it that prevents the fish from sliding off the spear. It’s the lightest, fastest and easiest to remove from a fish. Best used for small species of fish.

The double flopper has two barbs placed opposite of each other. Best used for larger fish.

The breakaway is the heaviest and strongest type of shaft. It is used only for large sized species.

Spearguns can also be set it various types of setups. Most of them are designed to detach the fish from the line that is connected to your spear and re-attach it to a fishing line that is connected with a spearfishing float.

Best speargun for small fish


This is a very light and compact gun with an amazing quality-cost ratio. It’s powered by a rubber band and has a single flopper shaft.

Its length can go from 13.8 inches to 29.5 inches.

Since this gun is inexpensive, durable, very easy to maneuver and best for hunting small fish all at the same time, this is the best speargun for you if you decide to start your spearfishing journey while using a speargun.

Best gun for medium sized fish


Even though this is a pneumatic type of gun, it is very easy to reload. It has an ergonomically designed handle and a very hydrodynamic muzzle, which makes it easy to operate and maneuver.

The shaft is a double flopper and its length can go from 16.5 inches to 39.4 inches. It is very good for hunting smaller fish as well.

Best speargun for hunting big game fish

Riffe Bluewater Elite

Once you become skilled enough to go hunt for big game fish, this is the best speargun you can buy. That’s the reason it is always the choice of spearfishers who decide to go for world record catches.

The shaft of this gun is a breakaway setup. As you might have thought, it is very powerful and deadly. Its tip is an ice pick that allows for maximum penetration on impact.

We recommend that you buy this gun only if you already have experience and know pretty well what you’re doing. Spearguns that are way less powerful than this one can be dangerous if you’re not careful.

And this thing is pretty heavy and long, which makes it hard to maneuver, so make sure you have the necessary skills for it before buying it.


Wearing a wetsuit while spearfishing is essential if you want to catch more fish.

Keep in mind that the better you become, the more time you’ll be spending in the water. Most spearfishing dives last for hours. You would want to make sure you stay warm and comfortable while hunting.

It also protects your body. When you stay under water for longer, your skin becomes very soft. When that happens a simple scratch can turn into a deep wound. And the deeper a cut is, the easier it gets infected. You don’t want to know what type of infections you can get in the water.

How to choose the best spearfishing wetsuit

When choosing a spearfishing wetsuit you’ll need to consider the conditions of your environment, its thickness, its style and the materials it’s made of.

Naturally, colder waters require thicker suits to keep you warm and warm waters require thin ones to avoid overheating. For cold waters you should wear a suit that is at least 3.5 mm thick.

Anything more than 3mm for warm waters will make your experience in the water very uncomfortable.

Areas that have rough terrains also require thicker suits to protect your body.

The types of spearfishing wetsuits are the shorty, the streamer and the two-piece.

The shorty is a suit that has short legs or sleeves. Used only for warm waters, obviously.

The streamer is a suit that is made of only one piece and closes with a zipper that goes across the chest or back.


The two-piece, as the name suggests, consists of two pieces. A top jacket and pants that connect with a system of clips.

The best spearfishing wetsuit can be made of different materials. The most common of which are the open-cell neoprene and closed-cell neoprene.

The open-cell neoprene is better at trapping heat around your body because it has air pockets that adhere to the skin of the suit. It’s not only good for cold waters, but rough terrains as well because it provides good protection for your body.

Closed-cell neoprene is the more commonly used, affordable and versatile material of the two. You can find a wetsuit made of closed-cell neoprene in almost local surf shop. However, it doesn’t have good heat induction. If you plan to dive in cold waters, you should go with open-cell neoprene.

If you plan to dive in salt water then you should consider buying a weight belt and some weights, because you will be positively buoyant when wearing neoprene.

And last but not least, you should take into account whether your suit has camouflage and whether it is appropriate for you environment.

Camouflage is a good way to avoid being noticed by your potential prey. Using the wrong color of camouflage however, can be counterintuitive. If you dive in a rocky area wearing a bright colored suit, you will be very suspicious to the fish.

You can click here in case you want to look at a more in depth guide to choosing the best wetsuit.

Best spearfishing wetsuit for warm reef waters


The JBL VERTIGO is a full length one piece suit without a hood. It’s made of closed-cell neoprene and it’s also very comfortable and flexible.

It has a tremendously well made, green camouflage that is perfect if you want to blend in with the vegetation around reefs. The thickness of this suit is 2.5mm.

Another good thing about this wetsuit is that it has a lot of pockets and other useful features.

Best wetsuit for warm waters with rough terrains


This one is also a full length streamer without a hood like the previous one on the list. This one is slightly thicker however, with the thickness of 3 mm. Its zipper goes across the back.

The material this suit is made of is closed-cell neoprene. Thanks to the extra layer of neoprene, it can protect your body in rough terrains. Its chest is made of rubber and the whole suit is very flexible and comfortable.

Despite being durable, flexible and comfortable, this suit is also quite affordable. It is fairly versatile as well – you can easily use it for other sports.

Best spearfishing wetsuit for diving in cold waters with rough terrains


The SALVIMAR N.A.T. CAMU is a hooded two-piece style suit with high-waisted trousers. It give you excellent protection thanks to its reinforcement of its elbows, knees, seams, and chest. Which makes it perfect for extremely rough conditions.

It also does pretty well when it comes to keeping you warm. This suit is constructed with open-cell neoprene and its thickness is 5.5 mm, which allows it to have very good heat induction.

Although it is so thick, that doesn’t intervene with the flexibility of the suit. In fact, it is extremely flexible, which allows you to move around freely under water.

This wetsuit comes in green camouflage, so it is best used in green waters with rich vegetation.


There are different reasons why you need to wear gloves while spearfishing.

The most important of which is protection. We already established how a scratch can turn into a deep cut underwater, and just like a wetsuit, gloves protect you from this risk. Only that you will be working with your hands, so gloves are even more important.

The other main reason why you need gloves is to keep your hands warm. If your hands get cold, maneuvering and operating a speargun or a pole spear becomes way more difficult. Not to mention dispatching a fish, that is panicked and won’t stop moving, while you can barely feel your hands.

How to choose the best spearfishing gloves

The first thing you need to consider is once again the environment. The conditions in the environment you will be diving in will dictate all other factors. Make sure you know those conditions will be before you choose.

The thickness of your gloves will of course, depend on the temperature of the water. In warm waters you should use glove from 0.5 mm to 3mm, anything thicker would make you dives uncomfortable.

If you will be diving in cold waters, you should use gloves that are between 4 mm and 7+ mm. Naturally, the thickness of the glove will intervene with its flexibility, unless it’s made of a very high tech material.

There are also various designs for different environments. The most significant difference is whether the gloves will be of classic five finger style or mitten design.

Mitten style gloves may seriously limit your hand flexibility but it is used in extremely cold conditions. Some areas are so cold that it is necessary for you fingers to not be separated so they can stay warm.

Another difference in gloves designs is the wrist. The best spearfishing gloves can have split-wrist or sold-wrist design.

Split wrists are closed with a Velcro or a zipper. They are way easier to put on or off.

Solid wrists on the other hand are much better at trapping heat around your hands and prevent water from leaking in you gloves.


Like the wetsuits, the best spearfishing gloves are mostly made of neoprene. This material is designed to be used under water, and that is why it is so flexible.

Spearfishing gloves can also be constructed with Amara. Amara is a synthetic leather material that is placed on the palms and fingers of a glove for increased grip.

Another material that can be used for making spearfishing gloves is the Dyneema. It is a strong, abrasion resistant material, used to provide optimal protection for your hands. It can be used only in warm waters though, since it doesn’t provide any heat induction at all.

The right fit of the best spearfishing gloves would be a bit tight when you are trying them on dry. As the gloves get in water, they will slightly stretch to fit your hand perfectly. Just make sure they don’t feel too tight so they don’t cut off your blood circulation.

If you would like to read more about choosing the best spearfishing gloves, just click here.

Best spearfishing gloves for hunting in warm waters


The Scuba Pro Seamless gloves are made of extremely flexible Neoprene. Not only can move use your hands freely, but the gloves also give you excellent grip.

Even more, being made seamless allows these gloves to be very light and abrasion resistant. Even though they are solid wrists, the flexibility of the Neoprene make them easy to put on and off.

The thickness of this pair of gloves is 2mm. Which means that if you are diving in warm waters, you won’t ever have to worry about overheating.

Best spearfishing gloves made with Amara for increased grip


This is a very inexpensive, yet very high quality pair of gloves that are manufactured by Scuba Pro.

Their thickness is 1.5 mm which makes them perfect for warm, tropic waters. They are also perfect for areas where you need to do a lot of work with your hands. That’s because they have the synthetic leather Amara on their palms and fingers for increased grip.

The upper parts of the gloves are made of good old, flexible neoprene. Not only flexible, they are also very ligh and comfortable to wear. Plus they come in black, gray or white color.

They also have a split wrist design, which helps them even more to prevent overheating.

Best spearfishing gloves for hunting in cold waters


Like the previous pair of gloves on the list, these also come at a very reasonable price, and are manufactured by Scuba Pro.

Even though they are quite bulky with the thickness of 3mm, they are also quite flexible. They are constructed with Nylon and Neoprene materials. Thanks to that they are able to both trap heat around your hands to keep them warm for longer and allow you to move your fingers freely.

Their only disadvantage is that although they are designed with solid wrists, the seal could be better. Sometimes water can leak in.

Best spearfishing gloves for cold waters that require you to work with your hands


If you’re looking for gloves that can be used in extremely cold waters, and still have excellent grip and hand dexterity, so you can do work with your hands, these are the best spearfishing gloves for you.

They are made of a high quality Stretch Neoprene material. That’s how they achieve being so thick – 5 mm, yet so flexible.

There’s no getting cold for your hands not only because they are so thick, also because how good they are at preventing water to leak in. Once again thanks to the flexible materials they’re made of.

Best spearfishing gloves made of Dyneema


These are the perfect gloves for tropic waters, wrecks or salvages in warm waters.

The fact that they are made of Dyneema makes them extremely durable and abrasion resistant. Also they are seamless and have elastic solid wrists that seal perfectly. They are 1.5mm thick.

Even though they will prevent water from leaking in, they are still very thin and Dyneema doesn’t provide any heat induction, so if you need durable gloves in cold waters, use the previous on the list.


The best spearfishing mask is a tool that can seriously step up you spearfishing game. The degree of improvement it contributes to your visibility is immense.

When buying a mask you should first have a look at its profile. also called volume. That’s the distance between your eyes and the lens of the mask. Normal scuba diving masks have higher profiles. For spearfishers that can be a problem because it makes objects appear at different distance from you. Look for masks with low profile.

Select the color of your mask according to the environment in which you’ll be diving. If you are wearing bright colors in a dark, gray area, you will seem very suspicious to the fish. If you can’t decide what color your mask should be, go with black.

In case you want to be diving in an area with low visibility, you would find mirrored lenses pretty helpful.

If you happen to have eyesight problems, don’t worry – you can easily find manufacturers that allow lenses to be adjusted so you can see under water.

Lenses can also be made as two separate windows or a single paned window.

We recommend two windows because they are often positioned slightly sideways to allow for wider field of vision. Or at least if you’re going to use single paned window, let it be as wide as possible, so you can stalk your prey without moving your head.

You wouldn’t want to dive in with a mask that is made of cheap, weak materials.

As you get better at spearfishing, you will start to dive deeper, and deeper. The deeper you descend, the more pressure your lenses will have to endure. With lower volume masks, you wouldn’t want the lenses to break, due to them being cheap.

Always buy the right equipment!

The best material your mask can be made from remains the silicone. Some masks are constructed with bi-silicone in order to be more comfortable. Anther good material it can be made of is specialized glass.

How do you know if you have the perfect fit when trying on a mask. Gently push the mask towards your face to re-create the underwater pressure.

Then start breathing through your nose and at the same time try to define whether the mask leaks air or not.

For more in depth walkthrough to choosing the best spearfishing mask, click here.

Best spearfishing mask for best clarity


The Oceanways Superview is a mask with a single but very wide pane that allows for optimal field of vision. You visibility is even sharpened by the anti-glare coating on the lenses, which improves your depth perception.

It can also be used in different environments. That’s because the lenses can come in blue, which makes it perfect for open blue waters. And that’s awesome because if you’re looking for excellent clarity, you will like those areas.

It also comes in orange so it’s suitable for reefs and other areas with bright colors.

Best spearfishing mask for shallow waters


The Omer Alien is a mask that is perfect for spearfishing in shallow waters, reefs and other areas with rich vegetation. Mostly because it comes in various colors like camu, black, black moon and sea green.

But also because it allows for tremendous field of vision with its wide two separate panes. That’s because they are positioned perfectly for you to stalk the fish. The lenses can be mirrored too, to they are perfect even for areas with low visibility.

This mask is also comfortable with its wide nose piece and skirt.

However it is not suitable for deeper dives, so choose accordingly. Not picking your mask according to the conditions in your environment would make it useless.

Best spearfishing mask for beginners


This mask is a black mask with two paned window that allows for maximum width of your field of vision.

Another reason it is an excellent choice for beginners is that it replicates the design of a very high quality, expensive mask, but still comes at a low price.

The nose piece is pointy and its skirt is pretty small skirt so it fits best on narrow faces. If you have a wide face, this may not be your choice.

Best spearfishing mask for advanced spearfishing


The Cressi Metis is a mask, designed for those who aim to have sniper vision while hunting fish under water. It has mirrored lenses to brighten up your vision. Furthermore, it has a very wide skirt and optimally low profile.

Those two factors allow for you to have the best visibility you can have to hit fish from long distances.

It is also extremely versatile. This mask can be used in different locations and can be adjusted to differently sized heads. It comes with an adjustable, wide strap and has a pretty wide skirt.

Plus it comes in different colors like green, black, brown and yellow. Making them suitable for reefs, rocky areas, green waters and open waters.

Their only disadvantage is that the adjustable strap can be a bit tricky sometimes.


Snorkels are an excellent piece of equipment that allows you to significantly increase the time you are capable to spent under water.

The usage of a snorkel while you are hunting fish allows you to stay under the surface while you catch your breath. That means that instead of resurfacing, you can swim close to the surface and at the same time scan for the best hunting spots.

Snorkels nowadays can come with various features. However, for spearfishing you will find that you need the most classic and simple form of the snorkel.

That’s the case because most features come at the price of being massive and heavy. That makes the snorkel bounce and hit against your head once you dive. Which on itself makes your experience under water quite uncomfortable. Moreover, a great deal of snorkels with features don’t actually work.

If you find one that works and you think that it really improves your snorkel, you can still use it. A lot of spearfishers tuck their snorkels under the strap of their masks. Granted, it does still feel a bit uncomfortable, like the mask is slowly sliding off it alignment. If you find the feature useful, it’s still worth it though.

Snorkels can have features like a valve to easily purge water out of the tube. Or snorkel keepers instead of tucking the snorkel under the strap of your mask. On the contrary, most of them don’t work, but still some can really secure your snorkel steadily.

Some snorkels have drying systems that are designed to not allow water to enter its tube, so you don’t have to purge your snorkel. Sure, most of them are pretty massive, but it might not be a problem with a good snorkel keeper.

When buying a snorkel, you should also take in consideration its color. Again, you don’t want to make yourself suspicious to the fish. That’s why in most cases you would buy a black or dark colored snorkel.

You wish to learn more about the best spearfishing snorkels and the features they can be upgraded with? All you have to do is click here.

Best spearfishing snorkel

SPORASUB Silicone Breeze Snorkel

The SPORASUB Silicone Breeze Snorkel is black colored snorkel. Designed in the classic J shape style. It is also very durable and has perfectly moderate flexibility.

The mouth piece is perfectly position for you to be able to effortlessly hold it in your mouth.

The curve of the tube is also moderate si you can easily hold the snorkel above the surface. This snorkel is made of silicone material and is manufactured by Omer in China.

Mares Dual Spear Fishing Snorkel

The Mares Dual Spear Fishing Snorkel is designed to have the perfect inner diameter. Which means not too wide, so you can easily purge your tube, but also not too narrow, to prevent it from limiting the air flow.

It comes in dark. Also it is made of bi-silicone materials that prevent irritation on the back of your neck, and at the same time be very hydrodynamic.

It is very hydrodynamic also thanks to the unique design that reduces the sounds and vibrations created. Even the snorkel keeper that it comes with is designed to be extremely hydrodynamic. And of course, secure your snorkel.

Another thing that is of unique is the mouthpiece. It is again placed perfectly but also has increased air flow, so your can breath easily.

Kraken Aquatics Freediving Snorkel

The Kraken Aquatics Free diving Snorkel is a very versatile and compact snorkel.

It is designed to have optimal endurance. As the previous snorkels we brought up, this one is also moderately flexible. That’s because it is an important factor.

This snorkel also come with a replaceable mouth piece, a storage case and has excellent air flow. It is very easy to breathe through it and to purge the water out.


A knife is something that you should be using constantly while spearfishing. Only shots that spear directly through the brain of the fish are ones that kill it instantly. A shot anywhere else means a slow and painful death for the fish.

Most hunters tend to have respect for their dinner. That is why spearfishers usually dispatch a successful catch with their knife – it’s the most humane way to kill your pray.

You might also want to carry a knife for another reason – safety. The ocean has currents and tides, and waves etc, so it can happen for spearfishers to entangle themselves with lines or fishing nets.

Also depending on what kind of speargun setup you are using, you might need to manually cut the line attached to your spear and the gun.

Accidents can always happen, which is why you should carry a knife at all times. It can save your life of the life of a dive buddy.

How to choose the best spearfishing knife?

When choosing you knife, you should take into account its blade material, size, tip of the blade and type.

The blade of your spearfishing knife can be made of two materials: Titanium or stainless steel. Stainless steel is way less durable than Titanium and requires much more maintenance. If you’re looking for a cheap, yet durable blade, which you’ll rarely have to sharpen, your blade is made of Titanium.

Titanium is also very light and tough. That’s the reason it is most widely spread among spearfishermen.

Medium and small are the most suitable sizes of knives for spearfishing. A large blade can be really uncomfortable to maneuver with. Furthermore, large blades are unnecessary for spearfishing – you don’t need a sword, you will be just cutting lines and spiking fish through the head.

The tip of your blade can be pointy, blunt or tanto.

Pointed tips are perfect for subduing your catch. Blunted tips are used for felling and digging, and the tanto blades are a combination of both.

You should also consider the shape of your blade. If you want a knife that is perfect for slicing, you should go with serrated edged blades.

If you want to see a more in depth guide to choosing the best spearfishing knife, click here.

This is what a serrated blade looks like. It can easily can cut and slice through all kinds of surfaces. It’s also thinner than straight edge blades.

Straight edge blades allow for better precision and control while spiking through fish.

There are also different types of knifes. The ones that are most commonly used in spearfishing are the:

  • Sheepsfoot – a blunt tip and edge of choice
  • Drop point – a blade that has a spine that runs through its handle. Perfect for puncturing fish and very tough.
  • Leaf shape – leaf shaped blade is the general term for knives of smaller sizes. They can have any type of edge or tip, as long as they are small, they are leaf shaped

Best spearfishing knife with for cutting through rough materials

Spyderco Atlantic Folding dive knife

The Spyderco Atlantic Folding dive knife is a perfect example of a tip that is blunted, yet pointy enough to easily spike through fish. This is a foldable knife with a saw-like, rugged blade.

That makes it perfect if you want to be cutting through objects, made of tough materials like wires and ropes. If you’re looking for something more powerful than a regular blade, this is the best spearfishing knife for you.

It’s also pretty convenient and safe to carry around when it folds and fits in your pocket.

Best spearfishing knife with a serrated blade

Promate barracuda titanium dive knife

The Promate barracuda dive knife has an extremely sharp blade that is constructed with Titanium. It can cut through almost anything with relative ease due to its sharpness and serrated shape.

It comes with both pointed and blunted tips, depending on which you desire. It also comes with a storage unit that makes it very compact and easy to transport.

This knife also has features like very comfortable, ergonomic handle or line cutter and rugged back edge. The line cutter and the rugged back edge make the knife even more useful, giving you the ability to cut through extremely rough materials.

US Divers titanium knife

The US Divers knife is extremely durable, yet light and affordable at the same time. It is also a quite compact, easy to store and carry around. The blade is so tough because it is made of Titanium.

Furthermore, using this knife feels effortless thanks to its design. That’s because of its highly ergonomic handle that makes holding this knife feel so natural, almost like it becomes an extension of your hand.

It can cut through tough materials so easily thanks to its serrated, extremely sharp blade. Except for being tough and durable, this knife is known for being convenient and has a rugged back to cut through even harder objects. It also has a line cutter to cut wires or fishing lines at the front of the blade.

The length of this knife is 5 inches and it is easy to clean as well. If you need to clean it after being used, it can disassemble fairly easy.

The best cost-quality ratio for a spearfishing knife

Cressi skorpion

The Cressi Skorpion is easily one of the best knives used for spearfishing, especially for beginners. Not only is it so inexpensive, it also provides most of the basic functions a spearfishing knife is supposed to have.

It has a nice, sharp straight edge on its front, a serrated edge on the back, and it comes with both pointed and blunted tip. Furthermore it has a line cutter on the back side.

That makes it perfect for both cutting through harder materials as well as puncturing through fish, once you’ve speared it. Even more, this knife has a highly ergonomic handle that makes the knife very easy and comfortable to use.

And safe too, as it comes with a storage unit and a belt to carry it around with ease. Pretty good knife for such a low price.


Fins are a piece of equipment that would enhance your performance while spearfishing. They allow you to swim at much higher speeds than you normally could.

Fins can also save your life. Swimming through a current, tide or a very strong wave is much easier if you’ are wearing e pair of fins.

There are different types of fins you can purchase like Open heeled or Close heeled fins.

Open heeled fins allow to be put on with diving boots, which means they are perfect for areas that have rough terrains.

Close heeled fins on the other hand, can significantly increase the speed you can glide through the water. That makes them more suitable for free diving where you will need to be moving faster under the water.


As stated before, in some cases fins can save your life by helping you overcome currents. Imagine maneuvering across a current and all of a sudden your fins break, because they were made of cheap materials.

This can eventually lead to your death – currents, strong waves and tides can smash you into rocks. That’s why it is so important to buy the right, reliable equipment.

The best spearfishing fins can be made of carbon fiber and fiberglass. They both allow your fins to be as durable as they can be and hydrodynamic at the same time.

The power your fins would provide will depend on their hardness. Harder fins, that bend much less, would provide much more power behind your kicks.

On the other hand, harder fins would make it more difficult to kick fast while swimming and will tire your legs more. Softer fins would allow you to kick faster, much easier. A moderate level of flexibility is advised.

Best spearfishing fins with moderate flexibility

Seac shout S900 camo fins

The Seac shout S900 camo fins are made of two different materials. They help the fins be flexible enough to make your kicks easier, but not too much so they don’t have any power behind them.

Also they are quite tight and comfortable to wear thanks to the closed heel design. They are very versatile as well, as they can be used for other diving activities.

Spearfishing fins with best quality-cost ratio

Cressi gara 2000HF spearfishing fins

Leave it to Cressi and Scuba Pro to provide you with the best spearfishing equipment for the lowest prices possible. The Cressi gara 2000HF spearfishing fins are extremely durable. They even come with full warranty card,straight from the manufacturer, to guarantee their high quality.

Furthermore, they are very comfortable, have the perfect length, and are moderately flexible to make your kicks strong.

All of that at a very affordable price. This pair of fins is perfect for both beginners and experienced spearfishermen.


There are tons of reasons why floats are essential to your safety while spearfishing.

A great deal of the richest diving spots are also known to be home to sharks or some other natural predators. When diving in shark areas, floats are obligatory.

After you have speared a fish, you must subdue it as quickly as possible and ascend it to a float, using a fishing line. That’s done to make sure that if it happens that your fish attracts the attention of a shark, it keeps it away from you.

Another crucial reason you’ll need to use a float is that you would want other people to see that you are spearfishing there. Otherwise you can risk being ran over by a boat. Or other spearfishers not being aware that you are hunting there, which till mean that they won’t be cautious not to shoot you.

Types of floats

Hard floats are made of tougher materials and are the most durable type of floats. Also the biggest and heaviest.

Inflatable spearfishing floats are designed to be lighter. That allows them to be much easier to transport along with your other tools.

Some people use board floats. They are really effective at letting people see you and store your catch securely, so it’s not eaten by predators.

The best spearfishing float with good cost-quality ratio

Omer atoll float

Thanks to its low price, the Omer atoll float is perfect for beginner spearfishers who try to put their setup of gear together on a lower budget.

It is constructed with 420D Nylon and has two air chambers, that are manufactured using extremely resistant PVC materials, to keep it above the surface of the water.

This float is almost a meter in length and is very easy to notice from great distances. Moreover, it comes with a 30 cm x 30 cm flagpole to alert other fishers of your presence from far away.

This is easily the best spearfishing float if you’re looking for a float that wouldn’t cost too much.

Best inflatable spearfishing float

Omer atoll float boat

When looking for an inflatable spearfishing float, the Omer atoll float boat is easily the best choices you can make.

When fully inflated, this float boat measures 35” x 24” x 11 ”. It also comes with a flagpole that has the measurements of 10 ” x 8”. The length of the pole of the flag is 19.75 inches and has the diameter of half an inch.

The outside surface is of the boat is made using strong PVC material and reinforced mesh. The inside bladder is made is constructed with other PVC materials and is only 0.35 mm thick.

When purchased, this float boat also comes with a compact air pump for your convenience, 6 D shaped rings on its bottom and 5 D shaped rings on the top.

This is the best spearfishing float for you if you intend to hunt larger amounts of fish.


Your setup of spearfishing equipment will consist of various types of tools. Each of which will has its own purpose and reason to be essential piece of your set of equipment. Most either keep you safe and warm or make you much more efficient when hunting fish.

Unavoidably, you will have to buy a speargun or a pole spear, and if you’re still a beginner, you better start with a pole spear. You would find them much easier to use and maneuver with. Your weapon’s length and strength will depend mostly on the size of the fish you will be hunting.

In order to stay warm and protected under the water, you should use a spearfishing wetsuit that has enough thickness and is made of the right materials. If you are diving in warmer waters, you should use a thinner suit, of course. And if you’re diving in extremely rough conditions, you should consider buying a wetsuit with reinforcements.

If you want your hands to stay warm and protected against nasty cuts, use spearfishing gloves. Which would be thinner in warm waters and thicker in colder areas. They should also be as flexible as possible.

You can’t have a perfect aim when hunting if you don’t have perfect visibility. Buy the best spearfishing mask that has a low profile, is made of durable materials, and fits you comfortably. Your mask must also seal perfectly to prevent water from leaking in.

The rest of your setup will consist of a classical, standard snorkel, a durable, yet light knife that can cut through tough materials, strong fins with moderate flexibility, and a float.

We hope this article helped you in your research on finding the best spearfishing gear. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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